Zimowa - Inevitable00:05:23

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Dodał: Zimowa
Artist: zimowa
Album: Cover the Fall [2015]
Music: Michał Mentel & Aneta Maciaszczyk
Lyrics: Aneta Maciaszczyk


Hope to lose
Save the hazy space
No need to know why
But care what for
I play with words
Pretend to believe
That’s my move
When the time is up

Uncommon pleasure
The lack is a weapon
A part that’s melting into its form
Desire turns into waiting
Negative consciousness
Brings no clues

I want to feel there's something true
No need to know
I want to write it down for you
But everything reflects nothing at all

Fall into a gap
Wait out the suspense
Dissolve in lust
Then face the rough
Try to touch the thorn
You may feel offended
The light will be bent
Until you crush

I want to feel there’s something new
But everything is just a mere reply

Seeking out all of your gaps
It’s wheels within wheels
While binding the chains
Call for consent

I want to feel there’s something true
I want to write it down for you
What I reflect will never be gone

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