Budo bushi Łącko 2017: Masters Peer Kaufmann & Bernd Höhle00:04:38

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Jeśli myślisz że wszystko widziałeś/Aś wytrwaj do końca ;)

Ciekawostka jest taka iż obaj pobili rekordy Guinnessa w swoich dziedzinach.

Bernd oprócz bycia szanowanym mistrzem sztuk walk jest również niemieckim aktorem.

"Master Bernd Höhle is a geman Martial Arts Expert he is World champion in Breaking and hold A Breaking World Guinness Book record, he has recived a Doctor Degree in Wushu from the Beijing Education University in Peking. He is Consultant of Sport of Kingdom of Ghana and Personal Instructor of His Royal Highness King Togbui Ngoryifa Olatidoya Kosi Cephas Bansah. Disciple of Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin – given Name “Shi Yan Zhi”. 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Secular Disciple. Actor in TV & Movie film with called " NO Way ". Besides it which distinguished recently thus of US President George W. Bush with the Presidential Gold's Award and has recived a of sport Award from the Saudi Arabia Prince Bader am Saud am Mohammad Mogren Aluminium-Saud and Honoary Certificate from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. " Millennium Instructor of the Year " the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Int. resound to of Fame, Member of the " Executive Advisory - Committee " of the Eastern USA Martial Arts Association and International Ambassador of the International Martial Arts Research of Institutes Malysia / Sarawak. Awarded by Chinese Consul Mr. Zjang Chaoyu. Ambassadorship from Word Sport Games ( affiliated by IOC ) in Pusan/ Korea appointed by the Major of Pusan. Appointed to Consul of WOMA, Awarded of the " Blackmaster Commando " Special navy Forces of the Armed Forces Royal Saudi marine, Nominated as the " Best Combat coach of the Year " of the Polnish Military sport Organization, awarded of the Ukrainian Cossack Army, he has recived a Special Award from the Director of sport of the Guyana Ministry of Culture Mr. Kumar (Member of Parliament). Awarded by the KGB Colonel Suleyman Mammadi. Teamleader of the 1st Place Worldchampionship German National-Team. Hohle a Cambodian Martial Arts Games Committee Member (Phnom Penh / Kambodia) and Awarded from the Russian Army ( Spetsnaz ) Training Center in Moscow. Train by the Abbot of the Wudang Temple. Special Achivements from World Federations and Military and Goverments worldwide. Grand Master Hohle is the Top Student and designed Successor from the Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Gu Ping "Gin Loung - the golden Dragon”. Movie Star Dr. Chiu Chi Ling appointed him as World Hung Gar Ambassador of Int. Chiu Chi Ling Hung Gar Association & Wong Fei Hung Alumni Association. Awarded by the Governor of Kentucky. Boardmember of the Int. University of Martial Arts Sciences, Sunmudo Daekumkang Mun Certified by Golgulsa Temple Abbot & Grandmaster Jeog Un – Seol / Korea. Awarded from the India Govt. Sports Minister Sh.Vikram Verma in New Delhi/ India and awarded from Dr. Ham, Ki-Choul Dean of the Sport-University Han-Seo / Seoul Korea. Certified Military Parachuter & Military Diver. Commandant ( Bundesrettungsrat der ÖLRG ) of Live & Rescue Federation, State of Kentucky Gouverneur Award – Honorable Colonel. Defense Minitry of the Russian Federation Appreciation Letter. Ambassador of International Children Help e.V."

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