KIM JONGHYUN tribute| MEDLEY dance cover by SAGI00:03:49

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Dodał: SAGI
Kim Jonghyun - a wonderful artist, my inspiration, authority, poverty. This is exactly a year when you left us. It seems that it has been so long ... I would like to thank you very much that you always make me smileand even today, even in the worst days, even a small smile will appear on my face. You were my great authority both in music, dance and personality. I always thought "I want to be like him once" ... Now you watch over me like a guardian angel, you are with me when there is no one, you give me your hand when others don’t want to do it. Thanks to you I'm not lonely. I, as a person with depression, know how much you have to suffer and I know that the path you have chosen was the last resort. However, know that you have fought bravely and for a long time. You have done a lot of great things and you will stay in our hearts as a great man. Your beautiful words, music, speeches, everything will be forever in our memories and hearts. Your friends from Shinee are extremely strong. You were strong too.
Shut on the stage to shine in the sky as the largest, brightest star. When I look at the sky at night I feel that you are with me.
Thank you for everything, JongHyun. I hope it is good for you. I will never forget about you. 수고했어요.