SHINEE - OUR PAGE|COVER BY SAGI&HYEONJI #happyjonghyunday00:04:06

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Dodał: SAGI
HYEONJI IG: hydroksyzine

For me, Jonghyun is not only an idol but an inspiration, motivation and an angel that is always with me and the whole Shawol family. For me, Shinee is not only a band but a family, brothers, thousands of smiles and joy. This is my hope. That's why on the birthday of Jonghyun I decided to make a very important cover for JJong with my girlfriend. We don't want your judgment, advice, hate or praise. This cover is for Jonghyun. Just for Jonghyun.

Jonghyun saves me everyday. When I was sad, he makes me happy. And now, I am obliged to make a smile on his little face. Jjong always wanted to make everyone happy, no matter if someone tall or short, fat or skinny, falsifies or sing clean. Now It's our turn. Please, keep your opinion to yourself
and 생일 축하해요 정현!