Esion - Monday (Random Voice Cracktro Remix)00:04:25

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Dodał: SeeDgroup
*** ***

*** Orginal music by : Edvin Fladen ***
*** Track name : Monday ***
*** Remix by : Esion ***

One of those classic chip-tunes that you know you've heard a million times, but can't quite place (did this appear in a bunch of crack-intros? please advise!), "Monday" is a wonderful piece of arpegiating class from Edvin Fladen, all the way from Norway, and was released wayback in '91.

In any case, Random Voice later joined Symbiosis under his real name and contributed to Bjorn Lynne's classic floppy-disc musicmag, AM/FM, but this is the only tune he's particularly known for, and we, frankly, adore it.

Was a member of: Royal Amiga Force (RAF), Symbiosis (SYS - S), Synergy (SNY)

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