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*** Pictures are from WarZone main rule book ***
*** Doom Trooper collectible card game ***

*** Music by Basil Poledouris - Klendathu Drop ***
*** Starship Troopers Soundtrack ***

Based on: Mutant Chronicles
Designer: Bryan Winter
Publisher: Target Games
Players: 2 or more
Setup time: 3 minutes
Playing time: 25 minutes
Random chance: Some
Skills required: Card playing, Arithmetic, Reading

* Doom Trooper is a collectible card game designed by Bryan Winter. It is based on concepts from the Mutant Chronicles franchise. Players use warriors to attack and gain either Promotion Points or Destiny Points. Promotion points can be used to win; Destiny Points are used to purchase more warriors and equipment. There are 13 different card types and over 1100 different cards available.

* Doom Trooper was originally published by now defunct Target Games. A console video game based on the Doom Trooper franchise named Doom Troopers was published in 1995.

* Warzone takes place in a fictional cyberpunk future in which a space faring humanity has explored beyond Pluto and has uncovered artifacts which unleashed an evil force known as the Dark Soul. This is a force which corrupts both man and machine, and has sent its own minions, consisting of legions of undead and aliens in an attempt to conquer humanity. In light of the corruption, human technological and social progress has largely halted. Most people are citizens of one of the major megacorporations, who have colonized the inner planets of the solar system, and who fight against each other when not fighting the evil forces of the Dark Soul. The Earth has become known as Dark Eden following global apocalypse, and is home only to tribal survivors. This background is intricately tied to that of the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game.

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