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Life at sea definitely doesnt mean just lying under the palm tree. Today we enjoy typical day aboard. We fix, fix and fix! :) Today we have a broken dinghy davit to weld back together and not only that! Other then that we clean, we cook, we dive, play some music and finally after all the repairs we move on to the Southern Caribbean.
Ania and Bartek

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We are a Polish family (Ania, Bartek, Kuba and Julian) traveling the world and sailing across oceans on our floating home, a 15 meter trimaran, as a way of promoting alternative way of life off the grid. In 2014 we managed to materialize our dreams and traded a land based home in Poland for a permanent life on the ocean aboard our dearest new home - sailboat Poly.

For us sailing is a way of free life in sync and harmony with nature and each other. Its a way of experiencing life, people, and places, entirely on our own terms. For many years it was just a dream, but we followed it and it came true. We are here and now, no longer chasing the dream.

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Welcome to our family life unplugged.
Ania, Bartek, Kuba and Julian

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