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This week on #BlockchainCentral: In November 2019, Google claimed to have achieved Quantum Supremacy, using their performing a calculation that would take traditional computers over 10,000 years in just 200 seconds. So, what will happen to blockchains, cryptocurrencies and the entire DLT ecosystem?

Theoretical physicist John Preskill, claimed that while this should be considered only an incremental step for quantum computing, it is still a significant development, with Google stating that it is viewed as a milestone towards full-scale quantum computing.

However, while there have been nerves from the blockchain crowd, it seems that we are a long way away from hacking the cryptography behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and other networks. Ex Bitcoin-core developer Peter Todd, claimed that while this was a big step, we are still looking at quantum computing that is too primitive to tackle cryptography that we see in cryptocurrencies.

With other quantum-resistant projects such as Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) and Praxxis looking to the future, we may already have the technology to secure networks against quantum compromise.

Join us as we unpack this landmark of quantum computing, and tackle the future steps that the blockchain community will need to take to remain quantum-resistant.

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Heres our last video on Quantum Computing in Blockchain:

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