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This week on #BlockchainCentral: In our final episode on #DigitalIdentity, we turn to the future of secure identities using blockchain identity management, creating whats known as zero-knowledge proofs that will revolutionize the way we share data and retain our self-sovereign identity.

So what does this mean for people? Imagine being able to prove that you are of legal age at a bar, without ever having to reveal all the additional detail on your identification such as an address, date of birth, nationality, etc. Or what about politics? Using #ZeroKnowledgeProofs, we can now confirm our identity, ensuring that we are the only ones able to cast our vote, potentially removing any foul play that prevents us from having free and fair elections.

We are just discovering the possibilities of blockchain identity management, but the implications for humankind are profound.

Join us as we conclude our series on digital identity!


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