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Dodał: nalmak
i would just like to say, i have no interest in this video helping me to progress through youtube. thus why i am not monetizing it. i just want the message to spread inshaAllah

it feels weird but good posting this. because in my eyes, itll help show anyone whos going through a rough patch and can relate, that they arent the only person going through this or has gone through this and help will always be there for them. one way or another. i know i dont ever post being serious but im not sorry for posting this video this week. this story time is about my bullying story... this is something that is dear to me and even if it means only one out of millions of people who have been bullied, received even the slightest bit of comfort from this video, ill be the happiest guy on planet earth.

if any of you ever feel to message me about something confidential that you want to speak about: feel free to via my socials. and rest assured that everything will stay between me and yall

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p.s. i love yall so much x

TITLE: my bullying story... | storytime