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[WARNING] The name of the channel will soon be changed to the simplest one possible, which is just my name. I made such a decision because the current name (TRaider) coming partly from my last name is very confusing due to the fact that the word Trader is very similar to the word TRaider, which means that every second request to join the facebook group is from people interested in investments, etc.
Secondly, friends who were looking for my channel first came across hundreds of films about investments and were forced to dig up my films.
I hope that together we will get used to the new name and I will not lose the reach .

Information about the video:
In todays episode my workshop will be enriched with a hydraulic cylinder. I will use it for my press and many other hydraulics-related equipment, which I hope to build in the future. I encountered many obstacles during construction. It seemed like everything was planned, it was supposed to go fast and smooth, and yet it didnt. It was the most demanding project in my career ever. If you want to watch my work, I invite you to watch the video. ;)

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