Nekrogoblikon - No One Survives [OFFICIAL VIDEO]00:04:33

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Dodał: szczuplax

Two billion more will die tonight!
Imagine stacks of burning flesh,
Whole city blocks now house the ashes of mankind.

Sounds of inhuman laughter spreading forth across the earth.
Look on, there's not much left to see.

When all the humans start to die...
When all that don't shall go insane...
As they look up at blackened sky,

In times before the goblins came,
We only had ourselves to blame,
For the problems in our lives,
Spiralling down towards our demise.

We used to laugh, we used to cry,
Now the only thing we do is die!
Dying slowly in the winter light,
No one survives tonight!

The end of days is here,
There is no going back.
The forests burn and oceans boil,
The ground is stained forever black.

The world is gone!
A massive grave endures instead,
Toxic weeds are growing over the bodies of the dead.

Whole countries lie ruined,
civilization erased.
The oceans infected
with nuclear waste.
(Nuclear waste)
(What a terrible place)

No one survives the end of the world.

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