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Another old song just recorded again xD
Thanks to Michal for editing, check his channel here:

Chords and lyrics below

The storys old, but feels quite new
I was so lost then I found you
I dont mean lost in a special way
I mean literally for a one whole day

Guess I was a bit preoccupied
Somehow ended on the wrong side of the road
You werent happy when I called, to say

Im so sorry i,m late
Things happened that i did not anticipate
Swear I tried to be on time
But there was so much on my mind
That I completely lost my way
Forgot what day it was today
After some rain and denial and the pain
I realized I was, in fact, on the wrong train

Thought its a chance to use my skills
Of survival that I learned from Bear Grylls
Not in person I just watched him on TV
But it felt like he speaks just for me

Thought I will stay in whatever was that place
Living in the wild, lost without a trace
But then you came along
Made me want to write you a song
To say

Chorus: Im so sorry Im late

I hope youll always be close enough to pick me up
From wherever I accidentally end up
And Ill say

Chorus: Im so sorry Im late

Bridge: Em/Am/G

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