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In this video we have a look at the most simple steps to start composting in your own garden.

Learn how to make compost and get more tips on how to utilize this natural mulch in your garden.
DAIZZS TIP:-Composting is a great project to do because it uses food and yard scraps that would otherwise be thrown away to make a nutrient-rich soil amendment.Making compost correctly will allow you to feed your plants essential nutrients and make your soil more fertile, all while using items that would otherwise go into your trash. today I want to share with you all the bare bones to starting a compost pile we move to our off-grid property a little over a year ago and even though we werent planning to have a really big garden our first year we just had a lot of other things to take care of we did want to start composting and amending our soil because when were ready to garden we want to be good to go and building compost and soil its just something that takes time so we thought why not get started now instead of later we did quite a bit of research online before getting started and honestly its really easy to get overwhelmed there is a scientific process behind composting and its really easy to get lost in the details and the intricacies so I just wanted to create this video to show you just how easy it can be where to put your compost pile we chose to find a happy medium and put our compost somewhere where it wasnt going to be in the way so is it in our main living and walking area but we also didnt want it too far from the house because we knew that if were putting our kitchen scraps in the compost pile the further away the less likely it is we would compost so we tried to find that happy medium having it too close to the house you risk it smelling if its getting out of balance too wet things like that so thats why we chose to have it out of the way and also we didnt know how big we wanted to grow our pile so we put it in a space that allowed it to grow one tip of advice if you have a bigger property and you have a little bit of flexibility on where to put it you might want to put it a place while ideally you want to keep the pile moist for us because were off-grid water is it in abundance so we try to do it we can we do try to turn the pile and mix things up when we remember again thats probably every two to four weeks I dont know that this is absolutely critical but it can help speed things up when will the compost be ready I believe that really depends on the pile maintenance and also what you put into the pile likely the time of year that you start the pile we started this one in spring early spring and the pile was pretty large when we started and its condensed down a lot we didnt take super great care of this one but Id say that looks like pretty good compost and that took probably about six months and for the basics thats about all there is to it guys thats it were huge advocates of simply getting started well we do try to do a research and understand what were getting ourselves into ultimately we dont want to suffer from analysis paralysis so while theres probably a lot we could be doing differently in the end this is working out pretty well for us and we do have usable compost thats ready to go in the garden if you enjoyed this video and you want to learn more about the development of our off-grid homestead we have a lot of projects in the works right now were working on building a timber frame barn were working on building a large garden were working on fine-tuning our solar power things like that then feel free to follow our blog its pier living for life calm also if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and if youre on a Facebook and Instagram were over there as well and we have links to all that in the description below this video and well see you next time Inspired by Better Homes and Gardens Composting for Beginners | The Dirt | Better Homes & Gardens

Composting 101: Stupid-Easy Compost Making in Piles & Bins

How To Make Compost At Home (WITH FULL UPDATES) by Urban Gardening Simple Guide to Composting by Huw Richards
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