The Fate of Casey Morgan (2016 Bite) tribute00:04:22

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Cause there is nothing more life-wretching than a slow and painful, gradual transformation into acid-spitting insectoid creature with scorpion tail injecting paralysing substance into Your victim and pores on Your palms that secrete lethat sticky substance, while discovering that Your soon-to-be husband cheating on You with Your bff who conspired against You for a long time to hook up Your man... Yeah... Certainly a Fate I dont wish to the worst enemy, and the fact of Caseys true innocence makes it even harder to swallow, yet I identify deepily with the now-fully-changed Mrs. Morgan in so many ways and feel for her so deepily I found it impossible to not to make this video. But go watch the original, Ive speed up and cut alot of it just to fit in time (and copyrights XD)
The movie is : Bite from 2015/2016 and the song is : Fate by Lee Sun Hee. Both legally aqquired via fair use policy.... Which YT sadistic regime wont listen anyways I guess XD Enjoy till You still can. I love You.