Why Alaskas City under one roof will Collapse | The Rise and Fall of Wittner00:12:35

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Join us on a journey through the fascinating history of Wittner, Alaska. This once-bustling town was founded as a military outpost during World War II and later became a key transportation hub by constructing its rail and highway tunnel. However, as tensions eased and industries shifted, Wittners fortunes waned, leading to its eventual downfall. Today, only remnants of this once-thriving community remain, but its story lives on as a testament to the boom and bust of Alaskas frontier towns. Explore the military origins of Wittner, the construction of its infrastructure, the buildings that once lined its streets, and what remains of the town today. Dont miss this captivating look at a piece of Alaskas past.

00:31 - The Military Origins of Wittner Alaska
03:02 - The Construction of Wittners Rail / Highway Tunnel
05:03 - Witter During the Cold War
05:27 - The Buildings of Wittner Alaska
07:01 - The Downfall of Wittner Alaska
08:03 - What Remains of Wittner Alaska Today?

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