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Preparing pipes and profiles for welding has never been easier, thanks to a clever connection - SuperBooster 2000
Make an attachment on the film for precise drilling of ranges in pipes, use cutting out all or part of the range up to a diameter of 90 mm
The attachment is also available for drilling at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. The angle can be precisely adjusted to achieve a satisfactory effect,
A drill or screwdriver with variable speed control can be used as the drive,
Smooth adjustment is especially required when drilling in stainless steel pipes
stainless steel - example of rotation for a diameter of 45 mm: 110 revolutions per minute


Drilled pipe diameter: 15-90 mm.
Angle adjustment range: 0-90 degrees
Bearings: sealed, in which the hardened shaft rotates, we install holesaws
Assembly: intuitive - in a workshop vice and can be screwed to the work table

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A large range of drilled diameters is a construction distinguishing feature
I recommend using economic and executive of the best bimetallic steel holesaws
The design of the device allows drilling with large holesaws

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