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List do Ciebie (A Letter to You) is the latest studio recording release by a Polish-Ukrainian music group DagaDana. (scroll for details)

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With List do Ciebie (A Letter To You) album, DAGADANA revives the memory of the poet Janusz Różewicz. The band wishes to make us realise how crucial it is in todays hectic world to stop for a moment and devote time to another person. Therefore, DAGADANA encourages us to start writing letters again and create art that is not necessarily instant art. This how they express their longing for the past, where so many emotions were evoked when capturing a fleeting moment.

19584 frames; 816 film scans; 3 weeks of non-stop scanning; 136 film rolls; a drill-driver connected to 5 LOMOKINO cameras, repaired on a regular basis on the set and a whole team of music, film and fashion personalities.

This is how the new single of the Polish-Ukrainian band DAGADANA (featuring the drummer Frank Parker) entitled Kartka dla nieznajomej (Postcard to an unknown girl) from the album List do Ciebie (A Letter To You) was created. The band entrusted the video to Maciej Szupica and Krzysztof Kiziewicz, a directing duet who knows no limits. This is in all probability the first video of this type ever produced. Connecting cameras to a drill-driver was the idea of Tomek Kluczyk and Krzysztof Kiziewicz. They were also the people who put this idea in practice. Working with the use of the unpredictable LOMOKINO technique was very risky and laborious, but the effect is astonishing.

Kuba Dąbrowski and Dominik Danilczyk were chosen for the directors of photography, whereas the well-known performer and choreographer Leon Dziemaszkiewicz agreed to play an eccentric photographer. In the video he is accompanied by some personalities from the fashion world: Natalia Wątroba, Pamela Koleśnik, Magdalena Swat, Karolina Wodoracka, Szczepan Wasiak, as well as DAGADANA. Agnieszka Hodowana and Aleksandra Foka Przyłuska took care of the make-up while Elwira Rutkowska was entrusted with costumes. The whole project was supervised by the producer Adrian Pawłowski from FILM FICTION.

The following organizations have been DAGADANAs partners in the project that includes the album and a concert tour: the National Audiovisual Institute, the Polish Post and the Polish Performing Artists Association STOART.
The album has been created as a part of the 2014-2020 National Readership Development Programme. It has been supported, distributed and promoted by the label and booking agency Karrot Kommando.

Written by: Maciej Szupica, Agata Biziuk
Directed by: Maciej Szupica, Krzysztof Kiziewicz
DOP: Kuba Dąbrowski, Dominik Danilczyk
Production: FILM FICTION (www.film-fiction.com)
Producer: Adrian Pawłowski
Production assistant: Zuzanna Romuk-Wodoracka
Cast: Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Natalia Wątroba, Pamela Koleśnik, Magdalena Swat , Karolina Romuk-Wodoracka, Szczepan Wasiak
and DAGADANA band : Daga Gregorowicz, Dana Vynnytska, Mikołaj Pospieszalski, Frank Parker
Edit: Piotr Krygiel, Maciek Szupica, Adam Hryniewicki,
Postproduction: Krzysztof Kiziewicz
Colour correction: Sylwester Łukaszuk
Set designer: Wito Bałtuszyc
Stylist: Elwira Rutkowska
Stylist Assistant: Ewa Leśniewski
Makeup: Agnieszka Hodowana, Aleksandra Foka Przyłuska
Camera Assistant: Tomek Kluczyk
Film Scanning: Tomasz Kluczyk, Przemysław Stolarczyk
Gaffer: Jacek Tomborek
Spark: Grzesiek Bartoszek
Light: Heliograf
Stagehand: Mayday
Studio: Las StudioFilm: Super Solution

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Lyrics: Janusz Różewicz
Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/album/list-do-ciebie/id814422794

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