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List do Ciebie (A Letter to You) is the latest studio recording release by a Polish-Ukrainian music group DagaDana. (scroll for details)

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7JVB1NU2XgRA0lViT3HPrt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dagadana
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dagadana
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dagadana_

Buy CD: http://wsm.serpent.pl/sklep/wyniki.php?typ2&wyk_id7664
Buy the album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/album/list-do-ciebie/id814422794

A visit to Tokyo is like a journey to the Moon... The first video of the Polish-Ukrainian-American band DAGADANA List do Ciebie (A Letter to You) from an album with the same title, directed by Piotr Onopa, reminds us a walk in a space amusement park indeed. The subtle poetry of Janusz Różewicz has been immersed in the reality of a Japanese metropolis, full of neon lights, intensive colours and metropolitan rhythm. We remember this world from Sofia Coppolas Lost in Translation. This time, however, it is told from the perspective of young Japanese people. The third, possibly the most important, protagonist of the video is Tokyo itself. It has been shown by the director of photography Jacek Szymański in a very impressive and perceptive way.

The album List do Ciebie (A Letter to You) was released on 15th February 2014 and published by: DAGADANA, the National Culture Centreand Etnoteka.pl.

This time the band, famous for its unconventional fusion of folk and electronic music, decided to reach for the artistic output of an unfairly forgotten poet Janusz Różewicz. The album release will be accompanied by a concert tour.

The following organizations have been DAGADANAs partners in the project: the National Audiovisual Institute, the Polish Post and the Polish Performing Artists Association STOART. The album has been created as a part of the 2014-2020 National Readership Development Programme. It has been supported, distributed and promoted by the label and booking agency Karrot Kommando.

Production: Papaya Films
Directed by: Piotr Onopa
Photography: Jacek Szymański
Producer: Ada Kornecka
Editing: Miłosz Janiec
Cast: Marielle Bogucka, Kitamura Takamaru

Colour correction: / Michał Kowalski/ Rio De Post
Postproduction: Rio De Post

Acknowledgements: Krzysztof Godziejewski FASTMEDIA, Arek Stani, Rio De Post.

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