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Hi, people of the Internet. Feo here.

Do you sometimes wonder, what it would be like to return to the old times when you were young, not taller than 150, and during one hot summer weekend you go out to visit your cousins, probably have a sleepover, but instead of sleeping you play lots of cool new and exciting games, one of them being Heroes of Might & Magic.
Goddammit, I would love to be young again.
Games like Heroes of Might and Magic are more or less one hell of a cult genre here, in Poland. So, all clones of it are bound to gather some attention and be judged based on the classics. And one of those clones is Age of Wonders.
I remember checking out Age of Wonders 2 around 15 years ago - and let me tell you, I did not like it. It had lots of similarities to Heroes, but still the mechanics were just weird and the UI was cluttered.
Fortunately, with the third installment, this has really been improved, so I was able to sit down and more or less find the necessary options all around the screen - but at the same time, this is where the problem lies - the options are spread too far out around the screen which makes it ridiculous. Just look at the bottom corners around the map and the heros avatar - there is so much wasted space here! I dont like it!
What I liked was the character creation which - while super simple - allowed me to pretty much create my own faction and have interesting matchups and combos. Basically, you get the choice of a race and profession of your Hero - on top of which you can choose magic specialisations. Having super good dwarven engineers, smashing through opponents skulls with facts and logic is super fun, but I really appreciate that they are as viable as high elven sorcerers armies with master of evil alignment Loveable xoxo

Still, personally I dare say the sorcerer is the most powerful. Dont even get me started
The game did make me feel the one-more turn syndrome yet again, although the graphics and weird city mechanics still put me off. Just look at the main protagonist, ROGUE PRINCESS xd here on the arts, and then you are hit in the face with THAT XXXXDDDDDDD
Also, how the HELL do resources inside the city work?! Is it explained anywhere?! The unexplainable split between what resources the city has and my empire owns is just STUPID and I hated every time when SUDDENLY I CANT BUILD SOMETHING

Im curious about the mods, Steam supports them and they maybe one day I will actually be brave enough to try them out...
Three out of Five. Endless Legend is much better.

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