The Unforgiving Experience of Valheim00:06:32

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Yeah man, I like my Gothic with a bit of a crafting aspect to it, sure!


You must have heard of this early access game that has taken Steam by storm recently. Valheim, a survival viking game, with procedurally generated world and hordes of monsters that are coming to get you - in between of you picking up rocks by the river or harvesting ungodly amounts of honey from beehives you built.
A game that is only 1GB big (seriously) and looks much better than tonnes of other indie games thanks to one simple trick - lighting and shading perfected. Look at the textures (booooo) in this game and now look at how it all perfectly blends together when the sun is setting and you are just sitting there after a long day of building your new house near the coast or stop for a moment to admire the snow swirling in the moonlight...
Mine, eat, sleep, repeat. This is how it is in other games. Here, the progression is so naturally built into the exploration that you start feeling enamored by it. You discovered everything in one biome? Oh, luckily there is the next one, go and see how you fare there. Got instakilled by something out of your league, like a mosquito? Check another one, it might have just the things you need, like materials for new armor. Hey, you got a swamp key? Guess you gotta check it out now! (Why is my face melting?!) Oooh, mountains look nice and tickle that Skyrim vibe of yours? Too bad you are starting to freeze immediately after stepping in them, so better go back and find a way of preventing that, there has to be one. Its all so natural, perfectly blended with the feeling of progression and actually presented to you on the very start. You land in the stone circle and are told by one of Odins ravens that you are to slay 5 epic bosses, one for each biome, one after another. And you can see the carvings of those bosses around you, on the stones. And because they seem pretty huge, you better git gud.
And git gud you do. Over the course of the next game days you are going to practice and hone your skills in fight mechanics similar to Dark Souls, with attack timing, stamina usage and parrying, backed up with levelling similar to Morrowind and other Elder Scrolls games. Where you get better in a certain activity the longer you do it.
Valheim is not innovative. But it gets a lot of things right and one-ups a metric tonne of other early access games with how it gets things done so well, be it building, fighting or exploration and the feelings it gives you. Even in its unfinished state.
Cant wait for the updates...

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