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Surprising, coz I did not expect it to be actually this good.

Whats up, citizens of the Internet - Feo here. This time we are going to be taking a look at a game from a forbidden to me genres - at least when it comes to real life games. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a CCG or collectible card game, where you can use the power of your wallet - or eventually your sweat and tears in overabundance - to open packs containing random cards and then use at least 60 of them in fierce battles against other players.

Legends is based on the iconic franchise of The Elder Scrolls, highly recognizable due to the popularity of classics like Morrowind, Oblivion or finally Skyrim. As a big fan of those titles, I had really small hopes that this will be any good. Card games based on other popular IP are often lacking Fortunately, it seems I was wrong - I am having a blast with this game!
Of course, just like the majority of CCG titles, in here its also my bread and butter to feel to urge to open more and more and more booster packs, waiting for something shiny that will satisfy my inner goblin. And obviously, not very often it is worth the wait, so I feel the need to open more. In real life, with real money, this is devastating and has been the cause of many marital issues and eventually divorces. Remember kids - lootboxes are bad. But oooohhh so fun

Speaking of the cards themselves - there is a lot of them and there is definitely a lot to choose from when it comes to interesting mechanics. There are cards that steal life, cards that summon other cards, cards which can instakill the blockers, whose damage bypasses the blockers, that get stronger with every kill of opponents minions, that get stronger at the end of each turn, that grant buffs when killed, that consume killed cards to obtain more bonuses And you can make some really crazy combos. And that is exactly what I love to create in card games.
Also, I must say, I actually enjoy the story campaigns and they can net you pretty sweet rewards. Actually, one of the most OP cards can only be obtained from the Isle of Madness campaign - DARK SEDUCER. And this card can get incredibly powerful if you are using cards from the newest expansion, Maws of Oblivion. Also, that ability is very, hmmm, thematic if you know what i mean.

Overall, its a pretty solid and surprisingly good experience, a game that has been nicely expanded on and improved over time. I would definitely say that its worth your time, despite the now getting very saturated CCG landscape, with Magic the Gathering Arena and open beta of Legends of Runeterra. Especially if you like The Elder Scrolls as much as I do. I have been stuck with it on my phone for the longest time now, so that is also to some degree a way of recommendation :D

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