CROP CIRCLES OVERVIEW (Francine Blake)01:31:35

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Francine, who came to England from Montreal as a student and has been studying the crop circle phenomenon for over 30 years, says: Ive always liked the unknown. I came to England from Canada and Canada, at the time, was very religious, so you couldnt open to this kind of understanding. England was very open-minded.

Francine says the first ancient site she visited in England was Stonehenge: At that time, there were no barriers there. You could just walked in. I felt fantastic. I recognised something I had a recognition and had the desire to stay. That was it. I didnt go back. There is an energy here thats quite special. Arent we lucky? I mean, its wonderful.

I have studied all of this and there is a lot of knowledge in it. The Crop Circles are based on knowledge. Its not just any old thing there is knowledge in that. And we need that knowledge. And thats why they come here. If we did not need that knowledge, they would not happen here.

Francine does not believe the crop circles were created by humans. Its not a person, I dont think, she says. There is a consciousness. The world is full of doors, and you can enter these doors. Other doors are closed. I feel that very much. When you see a sacred site, you sense it. Some people cant get in a sacred site. They find it too strong. It comes from the ancient time, but its still there and we value it. Otherwise, it wouldnt make an impact, would it? As soon as you set foot at Stone Henge, you know thats not a normal energy.

Francine believes there is a link between ancient monoliths and the Crop Circles: Most of the crop circles come on ancient sites that were forgotten. So its clever, isnt it? A crop circle imprints itself where it had been forgotten for many many years. It takes us to that place where you begin to sense that there is a strong energy and recognise that there was an ancient site there.

Francine and her husband John visit up to 50 crop circles a year on average and Francine once even witnessed a crop circle being formed, where she saw golden balls and heard the sound of the circle being formed. It was very rapid. She says: I was coming back from giving a lecture and I saw a crop circle above the valley, which was very active. And I was talked to. It [the voice] was saying, You mustnt go there, its too strong. And Im saying: Actually, well, I want to go. Ha ha No, you cant go there. Its too strong for you. I was pushing against it. I wanted to go so badly, but in the end I had to turn around and go back Ive only seen it once in all the time that Ive done it, but yes, it (the plants) fell down like this and its extraordinary.

Francine says she can sense when a crop circle is about to be formed:

All of us who are close to the crop circles can sense them coming. You can feel the energy is different. Its not the same air. But you dont where it is or where it is going to come. And then it turns up, and youre not surprised.

Crop Circles are miraculous. Its a higher level. We cant really see it, we cant really understand, but it gives us a sense of wonder. And its only if your mind is open that you can see that. Not everyone can do it it.