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Some Days Ago I
got Ashes of Singularity from the Humble Bundle giveaway and was pretty excited about this as the game looked very similar to my all-time favourite RTS that is Supreme Commander. A great scale of battles, hundreds of units, base-building, tech upgrades and a variety of ways to win a game. Damn, I love me some RTSes like that although similar, Ashes actually disappointed me, sorry to say. It seemed that everything is there, as it should be, but SupCom does all of this much better, even though it is a game from 2007 (sic!) - and the graphics did not really age that much, to be honest. Sigh so, being a man of commitment and sheer will, after uninstalling Ashes, I went straight to my Steam library to pick up Supreme Commander, install Forged Alliance Forever and invited Grześ to party up with me for some good ole stragegisinging

First thing that truly captures my attention is always how important it is to properly adjust the placing of the buildings, to make sure that they are built usually one next to another so that they can benefit from the adjacency bonus - reducing costs of production or increasing abilities. Thanks to that the end-game bases can expand to humungous sizes, that look like crazy futuristic cities (although not really) and the fact that you do not have one THE MOST IMPORTANT BUILDING that needs to be protected at all cost, but rather you have three types of factories that can be built anywhere, are useful and, most importantly, expendable - one among many. Sure, you can upgrade them - and then you really might start caring about them, once you have invested lots and lots of resources, but your workers - ENGINEERS - can go to the other part of the map -which can be huuuuge - and just simply build a satellite base with factories already on the same upgrade tier if I need. And you gotta love the fact that SupCom allows you to do so from the very get-go.

Buuut you really should apply some braincells to how you expand and what units you are building, as this game does not give a sheiisseee about your resources and what your current economy allows you to build or not. You can queue orders however you want, despite the fact that they might use up a lot of your resources and you can actually start getting under the water level, go negative on the income. This way the economy will impact the production speed - but not stop it completely - and eventually might screw you up as the other player will get more units and important buildings faster than you and eventually will overrun you completely. Thats why you should always be prepared to have some Engineers scouting the land around and RECLAIMING resources from wrecks and rocks. RECYCLING IS THE FUTURE and this game really shows it XD
Easy to learn, hard to master - at its finest.

And the scale - oh the scale! There can be thousands of units on the map, perfectly visible when the map is completely zoomed out, each type with their own icons, representing even to which technology tier they belong! Goddamn, Ashes of the Singularity, how disappointing you turned out to be when I realised that the only difference between how units show up is the size of the balls Ekhem, dot icons assigned to them.... Sigh. In Supcom, though, if you want to have a successful strike, there are lots of ways of doing that, but my favourite is to first send dozens of expendable low tier units, so that the defenses focus their fire on them. Then quickly follow it up with higher tier units that will much more easily get rid of the already pretty beaten and distracted infrastructure. Because they are usually much tougher, and we already with our horde took care of what could threaten them. Or send a few fast planes that would be almost impossible to be hit by the anti air defenses, and while they are occupied, send all the bombers I have that would completely evaporate whatever stands on the land.
Eventually, of course, do it completely other way around - order one of the final, huge experimental units to go in the first line and make the smaller ones follow it behind. Some of them might not even have to move there conventionally, but rather teleport to enemys base.

Or you can play as my favourite faction, Cybrans, who are edgy future robot-people, and you can have pretty OP SHIPS WITH LEGS
Goddamn, this game is good. Highly recommended.

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