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Salty coz sea haha you get it hehe sea is salty hehehe

Yeah, but in all honesty, there is a lot of things you might get salty in here - especially with the popularity of tucking ie. hiding on the ship of other players and robbing them of everything when they least expect it and the fact that the reputation in Reapers Bones pvp faction aint gonna raise itself
BUT REMEMBER - its just a game and it is called Sea of Thieves on purpose. Everything is in the title, bruh

Sea of Thieves is a fantasy pirate life simulation MMO game which premiered 2 years ago in 2018, but recently re-surfaced to a vast popularity with the Steam release. Me and the bois started playing it just about 2 months before Steam release and got pretty HOOKED (hahaha xd).
Really immersive, super fun, no character/equipment progression, just unlocking buying cosmetics with the in-game currency, only if you want something extra shiny - or a pet - you would have to actually spend money. And here - allow me to add, just to give some kudos to the devs - that there is a way to earn the premium currency when killing an extremely rare Ancient Skeleton. But you may also say, the company behind SoT really lives up to its name (xdddd)

And damn son, if this game isnt crazy enjoyable, especially if you are looking for a fun coop game with friends where there is always something to discover, be surprised, scared, to enjoy and there is always something to do and thousands of distractions along the way that later on tend to be a nuisance but BOI OH BOI AM I SEEING SOMETHING SHINY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP MMMM-HMMMMMM (heading towards reapers bounty flares)

HOWEVER - dont get too cozy and ready to dive head-first into some naval battles, especially in the separate pvp-only Arena mode. The skill ceiling is crazy high (ceiling gang, hatfu). It is really difficult at the very beginning, there are dozens of rules you need to learn and the majority of surprises that you encounter is DEADLY. Explosive barrels you can accidentally sail into, storms, volcanos, skeleton ships emerging right next to yours, roaring megalodons out of nowhere and the FREAKING KRAKEN I HATE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT CAN MAKE YOU SOIL YOUR UNPREPARED PANTS especially the first time
Little pirate beginners, fully immersed, happy that you dug some pretty Marauders chests and got some pricy skulls, you are returning to the Outpost, ready to sell. The wind is blowing, waves slushing around you, roles on the vessel assigned, its peaceful on the sky, nothing can stop you now You dont realise the music is not playing, until a sudden note full of anxiety picks your attention. You look overboard and see the water turning pitch black. A terrifying roar. Powerful crash. Giant tentacles wrapping around the ship, sucking people out of the ship Man, I hate it.
And before you ask - no, there is no limit of how many the game can throw at you at any given time. You can get all of them, making sure you know the game hates you - and there is a term for that - GET RARED.
The list of dangers is long, but one is certain - the biggest one is always the other crews, the pirates ready to board your ship when you are completely unprepared, anchor you in a place, detonate a powder keg on board, steal your supplies, absolutely immobilize you with cursed cannonballs. With AI encounters, there are some rules that help you deal with them, like megalodons not getting close to islands, so you can run away there from them. With players, there is none - except maybe one which is GGS AT THE END GOOD FIGHT YOU CHEATERS GGS I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING THIS BOSS FOR AN HOUR NOW HOW COULD YOU STEAL IT GGS MAN I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW MY FATHER WORKS FOR NINTENDO

Dont get me wrong - its really a great game, especially with friends, but you need to have an open mind for the possibility of being grinded, minced and burnt alive to a crisp baby-pirate burger every time, losing hours of playtime with no profit and ending up being (haha) SALTY XDDDDDDDDD

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