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Risky, coz you never know how long u r gonna spend there.

BONJOUR you beautiful people, Feo here. This time we are going to take a look at a game that definitely took me by surprise and out of nowhere made me sink a few good hours into vigorously holding left and right click, strafing, kiting, jumping, dashing and looting. Risk of Rain 2 is a game I did not know almost anything up till a few weeks ago, only to find out later on that it actually was pretty big for a moment on youtube and actually has some funny youtubers covering it - REDRIOT: Local Dog Acquires Too Much Power

To be honest, the moment I got it, it immediately picked my interest and I just couldnt wait to try it out.
And try it out I did! Its a roguelike game where you choose from a variety of unlockable characters with various abilities and traverse procedurally generated levels in order to find helpful gear - helpful in a sense that it would help you survive the intense hordes of enemies that know no rest and will come after you all the bloody time! The gear is also random, so yeeaaahh it gets crazy very easily
Especially, when you also take into consideration that the items - and their effects - stack. So a pile of chunks of meat that regenerate health can be be a very distinct difference between life and death. And multiple pairs of sunglasses that increase critical chance will make you not only look extremely cool but also transform you into a little terminator.
The game has a very interesting mechanic where it has this little counter in the top right corner showing you the time you have spent on the current run - and that the difficulty will increase. And how soon, so the difficulty does not exactly correspond to the number of levels you finish, but the actual time you spend in the game.
Suuure, the game gets repeatable very quickly, having constantly all the same enemies, biomes and challenges, but the randomness can keep every run pretty fresh,keeping the player curious on what they will get this time. And curious to try out the other characters as they are definitely unique, ranging from gun-crazy Louis Armstrong (NEIL! NEIL! I OBVIOUSLY MEANT NEIL!) and cybernetic Katniss Everdeen to a skinned dog and a potted plant.A fine assortment of individuals, I dare say.
In addition to that, the cell shaded graphics will not age easily and are very pleasant to the eyes of the players - especially those who like games like Borderlands (and Oh God, I love Borderlands)...

If it wasnt for the chaos and the randomness that happens when you choose the hardest difficulty - which, as I mentioned earlier, scales even more with time - I probably would have dropped it after the first run, as I am not a big fan of constantly trying to crank up my highscores, time after time. But yeeaah, randomness might actually be my kink...

ROR2 OST: Chris Christodoulou - Antarctic Oscillation | Risk of Rain 2: Early Access OST
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